ALUR: Biomass

STF |Operation of stockpile areas.

UPM: Harvesting and Forwarding

CGF: Harvesting and Forwarding

GESA | Supply of chips for industries.

ALUR: Biomass

CAP | Waste management and urban hygiene services

Punta de Rieles Correctional Facility

Scientific Police headquarters building

GIS station - 150 kV (Jose Ignacio)

Parking "Florida"

Fishing boat pier

Railroad track rehabilitation

"Ciudad de la Costa" sewage grid

"Punta de Rieles" Correctional Facility

Antel Arena multifunctional complex.

Peralta Wind Farm

Photovoltaic solar plants

"Fray Bentos" landfill

STF |Operation of stockpile areas.

TGA | Landfill operation service (Fray Bentos)

Pintado Wind Farm

Integral waste management service. UPM Project

UPM: Harvesting and Forwarding

CGF: Harvesting and Forwarding

Talas de Maciel II Wind Farm

TGA | Integral waste management service for large infrastructre construction projects

Convention and Exhibition Center .

GESA | Supply of chips for industries.

Water Treatment Plant (Aceguá)

Electrical tests and commissioning services

TGA | Sewage networks cleaning service

TGA | Integral management of sanitary, commercial and industrial waste

TGA | Integral waste management service. Montes del Plata Project

Pulp Mill - Conchillas.

Collection services of recyclable waste in the city of Durazno

Pulp Mill - Fray Bentos.

Comprehensive Cleaning Service (Antel Arena)

Pulp mill`s water treatment plants

Bioethanol Production Plant

Wind Farms

Fuel desulphurization plant

Malt Processing Plant

"Oscar Magurno Souto" Hospital

American Hospital

“Juan Pablo II” Hospital

Sector 5 – Army Central Hospital

Cement Plant (Cementos Artigas)

Cement Plant (Ancap Minas)

Cement Plant (Ancap Paysandú)

“José Batlle y Ordoñez” power plant

"Aguas Corrientes" Potable Water Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant (Melo)

Water pumping line

Melo Converter Station

500 kV Stations

Rivera Converter Station

Solís Theater

Colonia Fluvial Passenger Terminal